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Nonfarm Payrolls

Non-farm payrolls data, an important indicator to observe the socio-economic and financial development of the United States, will affect the monetary policy tendencies of the Federal Reserve, while having a pivotal influence on the stock and currency markets.
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U.S. May Need 7.5% Unemployment to Curb Inflation

The United States unemployment rate may need to reach as high as 7.5 per cent, double its current level, to end the country's outbreak of high inflation.
Owen Li

Nonfarm Payrolls in August: Unemployment Rebound Shows Labor Market Cooling?

The unemployment rate's recovery is not caused by a slowdown in the heat of the labor market but by the expansion of the target group. That is, people who have previously dropped out or not participated in the labor market may be looking for employment opportunities.

XAUUSD: Prepare for the August Non-Farm Payrolls

The non-farm payrolls for August will be released. The market expects that the data will show a strong job market and prompt the Fed to raise interest rates sharply by 75 basis points in September. The short-term gold price is still facing greater downward pressure. However, optimistic expectations

NFP Preview: Will the Jobs Report Seal a 75bps Hike from the Fed?

With some ambiguity about the Fed's imminent policy decision still lingering, this month's jobs report will be critical…

Equities Extend Losses on Soft ADP Report

But bad news is also bad news, as the Federal Reserve (Fed) is so determined to bring inflation down, that it is ready to accept a certain slowdown in economy, and the jobs market.
Samantha Luan

Low U.S. Jobless Rate Not Helping Productivity

Amid declining worker productivity, payroll figures come under scrutiny.
Owen Li

July Non-Farm Payrolls: Expectations of Slowing Down Interest Rate Hikes Recede Temporarily, with Still Sufficient Room for Hawkish Rate Hikes

The most immediate impact of this non-farm payroll is to dispel the market's previous arguments for recession and expectations that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will slow down interest rate hikes. There is a solid reason for the Fed to stick to its hawkish path of rate hikes and taper to dampen labor m
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XAUUSD: Gold Price Is Expected to Test 1,800 and Then May Fall from Highs in the Short Term

Gold bulls continue their strong upward momentum and are expected to test 1,800 further. The risk of falling from highs should be noted. 

FX Daily: Fairly Priced

U.S. money markets now price around 125bp of further Fed tightening and then a softer Fed profile from next summer onwards.
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USDJPY: Rebounding Is the Chance to Short as USD Gains May Be Restricted by CPI

The hot non-farm payrolls in July pushed the USD against the JPY to rebound sharply in the short term, but the US July CPI announcement this week could be bearish on the USD. Moreover, there is obvious pressure above in the USDJPY technical chart, indicating potential further depreciation.
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