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Middle East News

With an Iran nuclear deal in sight, can Iran's crude oil return to the global market?
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Palestinian Economy Falters Despite Pandemic Recovery

Despite the end of the coronavirus pandemic, an improvement in the Palestinian economy does not seem very likely given other factors.
Devin Wang

Egypt Explores Production of Green Fuels for Ships

Egypt plans to cooperate with the Maersk global shipping group to establish a national network to produce and distribute green fuel for ships, depending on new and renewable energy sources, as the country gears up to host the COP27 climate summit.
Devin Wang

GCC Banks to Approach Pre-COVID Profitability Levels in 2022, S&P Says

Rating agency expects oil prices and interest rates to boost lenders in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.
Devin Wang

Will Iran's Climate Inaction Fuel Be Rising Disaster Threats?

Iran is one of just four countries that have not signed the 2015 Paris Agreement to curb climate change - alongside Yemen, Libya and Eritrea.

Bearing the Scars: One Year of Turkey's Unorthodox Easing Cycle

Nearly 12 months ago, Turkey's central bank embarked on a rate-cutting cycle in the face of soaring inflation, defying traditional monetary policy and running against a global trend of rising borrowing costs.
Devin Wang

What Does the US Federal Reserve's Interest Rate Rise Mean for UAE Residents?

The increase in the interest rate will affect loans, credit cards, mortgages, car financing and savings accounts.

Turkey Set on Ultra-Loose Course After Shock Rate Cut

Most economists expect no change but minority sees another cut. Inflation exceeded 80% in August and probably has yet to peak.
Devin Wang

Gulf Banks Raise Interest Rates, Following U.S. Federal Reserve

Gulf states often follow the American central bank in their interest rate decisions.
Devin Wang

UAE Central Bank Raises Interest Rate After Fed's Supersize Increase

The US Federal Reserve raised its key policy rate by 75 basis points to fight inflation, which is at a four-decade high.
Devin Wang

Cop27 Will Be an Ideal Time to Build Partnerships

Leaders for a Sustainable Mena have prioritised three areas for climate action.
Devin Wang
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