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Green Economy

It is undeniable that a sustainable economy is a trend for the economy of the future. How are national economies developing their own sustainable economies?
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Nature Can't Wait: Will COP15 Biodiversity Pact Spur Fast Action?

China and Canada, which worked together to broker a landmark global deal to protect nature in December, now need to use their joint leadership to build momentum and help countries meet biodiversity goals at the national level, green groups say.
Kevin Du

ESG Loans Show Promise in Japan

Environmental, social and governance-related loans in Japan are poised for further growth after rising to a record in 2022, with sustainability-linked loans and transition finance expected to drive the activity.
Owen Li

Is Hope on The Horizon for Global Energy Transitions?

Net-zero emissions by 2050, but the number of respondents who believe it will happen is growing rapidly.

Energy Crisis Spurs Green Power Co-Operation Between EU and Middle East

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has created a challenging demand-supply gap in global markets, European energy official says.
Devin Wang

Disentangling India’s new national carbon market

Carbon markets can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by combining a price on carbon and tradeable certificates to incentivise low-carbon investment. They come in many forms, depending on who participates and how money and credits change hands - including voluntary or mandatory (also known as ‘compliance’), and national or international.

Market for Clean Energy Technologies to Be Worth $650bn Per Year by 2030, IEA Says

High concentration of resources in some countries poses risks to global supply chains, agency says.
Kevin Du

Europe's Scramble for Natural Gas Will Not Affect Renewable Energy Transition, Irena Says

The continent has boosted its LNG imports from the US and Gulf countries.

Carbon finance is at the core of climate goals

Many countries are looking to carbon markets and SLBs to address climate change.

Europe Set to Be Global Leader for Electric Vehicle Use By 2030, Report Says

Europe is forecast to overtake China and have the highest rate of electric vehicle use in the world by 2030, according to a report.
Devin Wang

Paying The Sustainability Bill with Inflation

The war on climate change will soon return to center stage, with grand policy designs to be financed by inflation.
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