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Inflation and Recession

Inflation, exchange rate stability, economic growth and employment are the main objectives of central banks' monetary policy decisions. Changes in the central bank's monetary decisions will directly or indirectly affect the various demand changes in the market.
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Commodities outlook 2023: Stormy seas ahead

2022 has been an extraordinary year for commodity markets. Supply risks led to increased volatility and elevated prices. However, demand concerns have taken the driving seat as we approach year-end. 2023 is set to be yet another year of uncertainty, with plenty of volatility.

EURUSD: Trade Within the Range as Positive Support Remains

Eurozone CPI eased to 10.0% in November from 10.6%, below expectations of 10.4%. CPI excluding energy, food, alcohol, and tobacco remained unchanged at 5.0% YoY. Core inflation in the eurozone is expected to be more volatile and will not decline rapidly in the near term.
Eva Chen

GBPUSD: Go Long at the Lows as Limited Downward Space Is Validated

The GBPUSD regained momentum after falling from its recent multi-month high of 1.2153 due to the improvement of risk sentiment and testing of the 1.2000 level, and gained a firm foothold in 1.1950, with a daily gain of 0.50%, now reached 1.2013.
Eva Chen

The Once-Distressed Certificates of Deposit (CD)s Are now Sold Instantly

The stable high-earning of β doesn't exist anymore, with the era that gaining without effort passed. To hunt high returns, the same risk must be taken, which means to compete in the market, or, the α. Since this year, the equity market has suffered. Coupled with the greater volatility of the bond market, and the broken of rigid redemption, wealth management products are often "breaking below the net value". Also, capital preservation and interest products are favored by more investors, showing the popularity of CD. For instance, nobody consulted the 4%-return CD in the past, while the 3%-return CD is satisfying now.
King Ten

Powell is Not Here to Make Equity Investors Happy

Appetite in Asian equities improved on hints that China could ease the excessive Covid curbs as a response to angry anti-Covid protests.

Spanish Consumer Confidence Improved in November

Falling inflationary pressures and energy prices that are well below their peak levels led to a cautious rise in consumer confidence in November. However, this is not enough to prevent a contraction in the fourth quarter.

France: Inflation Stabilises, But the Peak Is Still to Come

Inflation stabilised at 6.2% in France in November, but it has not reached its peak. Inflationary pressures are likely to intensify further in 2023.
Devin Wang

EU Flash CPI to Set the Bar for Next ECB Rate Rise

Today the main focus is set to be on today's flash CPI from the EU, which could set the scene as to whether we get 50bps or 75bps when the ECB meets in just over two weeks' time.
Devin Wang

XAUUSD: Powell's Speech Could Extend Hawkish Tone, Gold Bulls Having Concerns

The gold price is hovering in oscillation in the short term. It is suggested to wait for Powell's speech to point out a new direction, and the hawkish tone of the speech expected by the market may make the gold bulls have concerns.

Australian Inflation Fell… But Just 'Weight' a Minute

Australian inflation 'only' rose 6.9% y/y, down from a peak of 7.4% and lower than the 7.5% expected.
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