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Economic Trends

Various types of economic data reveal the current state of the economy and provide a basis for economic expectations. The adjustment and implementation of various economic policies will affect the future trajectory of the market and the economy as a whole.
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Global Economic Growth to Slump to Three-Decade Low by 2030, World Bank Says

World economy to hit 'speed limit' — the maximum long-term rate at which it can grow without sparking inflation — amid banking crises and recessions.

XAUUSD: Rise in Gold Prices Was in Line with Our Expectations, with Bulls Still Dominating

Central banks have pegged inflation at less than 2%, causing chaos in economic and financial markets. The balance between inflation, growth, and financial pressure will shape the gold market.
Eva Chen

GBPUSD: Although Buying at the Lows Persists, the Lack of Structural Adjustment to the Rising Pace Could Lead to Price Sticking

The GBPUSD fell slightly during the European session on Tuesday after trying to break the key threshold of 1.2343 but stalled ahead of the test target; Overall, the firm bullish stance remains. The comments by Bank of England (BOE) Governor Bailey sparked expectations of further interest rate hikes, which supported the GBP.
Eva Chen
PROFIT +1365 Points

XAUUSD: Focus on Upside in the Short-Term, Going Short at Highs Recommended Before the Weekend

Gold prices got a boost after last week's Fed rate decision and briefly broke above $2,000 twice on Thursday. However, resistance to the further upside appears strong enough to limit the bulls to staying below the weekly chart (entity) of $1986 (week of March 7, 2022). Given the recent market turmoil and the shift in the Fed's stance, we believe that gold prices will remain below that level regardless of this week's volatility, meaning any price move higher is an opportunity to go short.
Eva Chen

Take Five: And Let There Be Calm

At an incredible end to the first quarter for financial markets, rattled by bank turmoil, some stability will be much hoped for in coming days.
Owen Li

Weighing Up the Global Banking Crisis

A look at the day ahead in Asian markets from Jamie McGeever.
Samantha Luan

Week Ahead - Eurozone and Us Inflation to Come under the Microscope after Rate Decisions

Amid ongoing jitters about the fallout from the banking sector, inflation will fall back into the limelight next week. The flash CPI readings for the euro area as well as the PCE inflation figures out of the United States will grab most of the headlines, in an otherwise quiet week. Australia will also get inflation data, and in Japan, Tokyo prices will be watched. Hot CPI numbers could roil markets as central banks have indicated that they are not about to take their eye off the ball during these turbulent times.

Gigs, Scams, Ghost Work: India Tech Sector's Dark Side

After finishing college in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, Saurav hunted for work for more than four months before he came across an advertisement for jobs at a call centre. He signed up, not knowing it would one day land him in jail.

UK Economic Resilience in March Signalled by Flash PMI

With the flash PMI surveys signalling a second month of rising output in March, the UK economy looks to have returned to growth in the first quarter. The surveys are broadly consistent with GDP growing at only a modest quarterly rate of 0.2%, but this represents a welcome expansion compared to the lack of growth seen in the second half of last year.

Eurozone Data Takes Centre Stage, but the Market Is on the Lookout for Banking Headlines

With the market remaining on its toes regarding the ongoing banking sector issues, next week brings significant data in the euroland in the form of business surveys and inflation data. The ECB is clearly interested in these economic releases, particularly following last meeting’s change of strategy. However, there is a lingering fear about further negative banking news that could possibly derail the ECB’s tightening effort and put a stop to the euro’s rally.
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